Remove AntiShortCut and AntiUsbShortCut Worm !

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New USB Worm !

It installs in the system root folder:

  • C:\AntiShortCut\AntiUsb.exe
  • C:\AntiShortCut\

Create autostart files:

  • %USERSTARTUP%\AntiShortCutUpdate.lnK

It makes persistent with windows registry

  • HKCU\..\Run : [AntiShortCutUpdate] C:\AntiShortCut\AntiUsb.exe “C:\AntiShortCut\”
  • HKCU\..\Run : [AntiUsbShortCut] C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start C:\AntiShortCut\AntiUsb.exe “C:\AntiShortCut\” & exit


The infection will then spread on removable media by trapping its contents in order to deceive you and to spread to other computers.


You can Delete it from system root folder and then remove its registry keys .

Please scan every usb flash drive you plug in your system with a Giant-Updated Antivirus such ESET SMART SECURITY or NORTON .

Here you can choose the best suitable antivirus software for your home system :



  1. Hi, I’ve removed it with ccleaner. Just went to Tools > Startup> Looked for “antiusb” entry, right click and opened with regedit. Then I deleted the entries asociated. You have to be logged in with administrator account.

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