This program create bat , reg , vbs installer and uninstaller of your specified control panel item
with your customization …. and you can test it on your PC
This Control panel item have name , tooltip , icon , action , GUID and more option
If you install a Control panel item that created with this program it will add to control panel and my computer ( below
drives )
New on Ver.2.0.0
* New About and Help dialoge
* Bug Fixed
* VBS Added
* Test Added
* New Icon Picker

….. All in One – 50 Tool’s Shortcut Access ….
This is a mini software that you can set ::
have/don’t have access to Regedit;
have/don’t have access to Task Manager;
show/hide hidden and super hidden files ;
Lick/unlock change Internet Explorer home input from internet option in control panel ;

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